Children’s House

The Children’s House is an environment specially designed to meet the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of children from 3 through 6 years of age (including kindergarten).

The Children’s House is a microcosm of a multicultural society made up of children of diverse nationalities and ethnicities whose families share our mission to nurture each child’s natural desire to learn and grow in an environment that fosters respect, courtesy, sharing, empathy and kindness, leading to a harmonious and peaceful world.

Working with the exercises of practical life, the children develop gross and fine motor skills as well as logical thought patterns. They lengthen their attention spans and develop the ability to persevere. The sensorial materials give clear impressions of abstract ideas, which build a foundation for later academic work including science—botany, geography, and geometry. Language (writing and reading) and Mathematics follow easily and naturally through work with the unique Montessori materials and activities.

Children have an inborn urge to learn and explore. Montessori education keeps their natural love of learning alive and creates life-long learners. With a native Spanish speaker as the classroom assistant, the children in this class experience a bilingual environment at the perfect age for the acquisition of a second language, that is, when they are in a sensitive period for language.